In the autumn season we open our doors to all those who venture forth.

The Autumn Market

October 1 - 31 we are open from 9AM - 6PM

Focused on the experience and traditions of the season, Autumn is about dramatic contrast, the vibrant colors of fall's blue skies and orange pumpkins. Then the dark of night, with stormy days, ghosts that rule the earth, and the pumpkins turn into jackolanterns. The barnyard is transformed and dedicated to this vision of fall. Brilliant colors of squashes, pumpkins, apples, and gourds contrast against each other in displays that surround the yard. Large 8' by 4' paintings accompany the visual to complete the experience of a perfect fall day. Other parts are given to the stormy side of this season when Halloween rules the earth.

Customer Service

If you have any questions when visiting our farms please feel free to ask our staff or a family member. We will find the right answer for you in prompt time.

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