For the long cold winters of today we offer roughly 63 varieties of pumpkins squashes and gourds to keep you fed and entertained.
  • Carving Pumpkins

    Carving Pumpkins
    • FieldTrax Field
    • Howden
    • Phat Jack

    The American standard, what you think of when it comes to Halloween and the fall season. Big or small, deeply colored pumpkins, classically shaped with nice ribbing and long handles, perfect for carving simple or intricate designs.

  • Cooking Pumpkins

    Cooking Pumpkins
    • Buckskin
    • New England Pie

    Their main purpose in life (as with the New England Pie), is to be the beginning ingredient in a great pie or any dish that requires the content of pumpkin. These varieties are also quite beautiful and are perfect for your fall decorating.

  • Specialty Pumpkins

    Specialty Pumpkins
    • Baby Bear
    • Baby Boo
    • Cotton Candy
    • Jack Be Little
    • Jack Be Quick
    • Lumina

    Unique pumpkins that vary in color, size, eating qualities, and sometimes classifications.

  • Squashes

    • Ambercup
    • Avalon Butternut
    • Baby Blue Hubbard
    • Carnival Dumpling
    • Celebration Acorn
    • Cream the Crop Acorns
    • Festival Delicata
    • Red Kuri
    • Sugar Boat Delicata
    • Sweet Meat
    • Stripetti Spaghetti
    • Sun Spot Buttercup
    • Super Delight Buttercup
    • Sweet Lighting Dumpling
    • Table Ace Acorn
    • Tivilio Spaghetti
    • Uhki Kuri
    • Winter Marrow White
    • Winter Marrow Yellow

    A varying selection of sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors. We have varieties that are sweet and creamy, dry and sweet, or nutty in flavor. Some (like Acorns and Buttercups), are perfect for individual servings. Others (like Hubbard), can feed a family of 6 or more. All our Squashes are vine ripe. Theirs unusual colors and shapes also serve a secondary life as objects of unusually beauty.

  • Heirloom Pumpkins & Squashes

    Heirloom Pumpkins & Squashes
    • American Tonda Pumpkin
    • Anna Swartz Hubbard Squash
    • Chicago Warted Hubbard Squash
    • Chiremen Pumpkin
    • Cornfield Pumpkin
    • Delicata Squash
    • Jarrahdale
    • Long Island Cheese Pumpkin
    • Mariana di Chioggia Pumpkin
    • Musquee de Provnece Pumpkin
    • New England Marble Head Hubbard Squash
    • Neck Pumpkin Butternut Squash
    • New Zealand Blue
    • Pink Banana Jumbo Squash
    • Queensland Blue Pumpkin
    • Red Warty Thing Squash
    • Rouge Vif d' Etampe Pumpkin
    • Sibely Hubbard
    • Triamble Squash
    • Turks Turban Squash
    • Yugoslavian Finger Fruit Squash

    Heirloom varieties bring a history of past fall harvest, Halloween celebrations, and cooking traditions. Their own unique colors, shapes and flavors influence our present relationship with this time of year. For example, Cheese Pumpkins tan flat and round, they look like a wheel of cheese (hence the name). This variety's cultivation pre dates 1824. Martha Washington might have cooked with this pumpkin. Heirloom varieties range in colors from vibrant red, subtle blue gray, nutty tan colors, and striking marbling and stripping.

  • Gourds

    • Autumn Wings
    • Birdhouse Martin
    • Bushel
    • Bottle Gourds
    • Dipper Gourds
    • Fancy Warted
    • Galaxy of Stars
    • Shenots Crown of Thorns
    • Speckled Swan

    Bright bold unusually shaped designs of nature. Gourds (like the hard shell variety "Bottle") have many possibilities. The shell lends itself to be transformed by the hands of humans into tools, homes for birds, or works of art. The smaller ornamental varieties have color combinations and bold patterns that can be unexpected.

  • Apples


    October is Jonagold season at the farm. The apples' brilliant red color has a sweet tart flavor that makes them just right for fresh eating or cooking.

  • Cider


    The traditional drink of the autumn season. Perfect to cool you down on a warm fall afternoon, or served hot when there is a chill in the air. Our cider is pressed locally at Cedardale Orchards. And when possible, pressed from our own Jonagold apples.

  • Cornstalks


    Tall and strong they make the perfect anchor point for your fall tableau.

  • Ornamental Corn

    Ornamental Corn

    Colorful grain that has such a long historical relationship with the new world. Vibrant colors of red, yellow, greens, blues, and so on.

It needs to be remembered for varying reasons (mainly the will of nature), some product might not be available or limited. Nature does not provide any guarantees.

All our pumpkins squashes and gourds are cut on the vine to give you the longest handle possible. Squash and pumpkins are always sold vine ripe.

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