Simple fun, honest to our nature, in the spirit of the harvest season.
  • Crop Circle Corn Maze

    Crop Circle Corn Maze

    Seven acre corn maze created by the same aliens who have made those mysterious patterns found in farmers' fields around the world. The maze's simple shape makes it easy to navigate and explore for all ages. The Crop Circle corn maze is free to all our pumpkin customers. So have fun in the spirit of the autumn season and see if you can figure out the message sent to us from a distant star.

  • All Hallow Even In the Back of the Barn

    All Hallow Even In the Back of the Barn

    This barn is festive, warm, inviting, and spooky (in the deep tradition of things that become haunted). It's decorated in the spirit all season long and kid friendly - nothing to fear.

  • U-pick Pumpkins

    U-pick Pumpkins

    One of the last fruits of Summer waits in the field under changing skies to bring tradition and memories to those who pick and gather them for their own personal harvest. Pick your pumpkins from the field in which they came and become more connected to the earth.

  • U-pick Apples

    U-pick Apples

    The heat of summer and the cool nights of the northwest turn small green orbs into large crimson fruits sparkling with complex flavors. Take this opportunity and pick your own. October is Jonagold season at the farm. Jonagolds are a dual purpose apple, its sweet tart flavor makes them well suited for eating and cooking.

  • The Great Pumpkin Weigh In / A Community Advent

    The Great Pumpkin Weigh In

    How big can you grow a pumpkin? How big can a pumpkin grow? It all depends on you and the pumpkin. Some people take it quite seriously (secrete recipes for fertilizer, planting on the right cycle of the moon, etc.). What ever the method, bring your pumpkin and your stories. You just may have the biggest one! Two age brackets, 6 to 18, and 19 up. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third places in both categories. Entrants must have their pumpkins at the farm by 12 noon on the first Saturday in October.

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest

    Pumpkin Carving Contest

    A celebration of the historical tradition of carving vegetables into lanterns. Prizes will be handed out for first second and third place winners. You must be 18 years of age to participate. All pumpkins must arrive at the farm fully carved by 12 noon on the third Saturday in October.

  • Red Fox Cider Shack

    Family Farm Tour

    On the weekends, hot cider and tasty baked treats will fuel your internal fire, keeping you comforted against the atmospheric wilds of nature. Hosted by our friend Georgia Johnson, proceeds benefit the La Conner High School Culinary Arts Program.

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